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Cardiac Pacing

Multipolar Pacing Catheters (VDD)

  • VDD pacing is very easily performed by a single catheter inserted into the right ventricle.

Bipolar Balloon Pacing Catheters

bipolar balloon pacing catheters
  • The side holes located at the tip, 19 cm or 30 cm from the tip of the catheter make possible simultaneous pacing and/or monitoring of pressure while injecting fluid.

Temporary Pacing Leads

temporary pacing leads
  • Excellent torque control and operability are ensured by a coaxial design employed for this series of packing leads. The flexible body exhibits optimal adaptability to the living body and assures reliable pacing.

VascoExtor Viper Lead Removal Kit

vascoextor viper lead removal kit
  • A complete system consisting of a minimum part composition for removal of infected or ineffective transvenous implanted pacemaker and defibrillator leads. Removing a lead has become amazingly easy with this kit.

Myopore Sutureless Myocardial Pacing Lead

myopore sutureless myocardial pacing lead
  • An advanced design with the electrode's coating of the porous surface allows for lower pacing thresholds and lower polarization impedance. Multifilar conductor coil construction assures flexibility and long term reliability.

Introducer Set

introducer set
  • This is a tear away sheath introducer set. The sheath splits apart for easier removal. Thanks to a flat, tapered design employed for the sheath and the dilator, smooth insertion is realized.

Oscor Myocardial Heartwires

oscor wire
  • Available in unipolar, bipolar and quadripolar configurations, these surgical temporary pacing wires provide consistent temporary sensing and pacing during and after cardiac surgery with minimal trauma to the myocardium.

2007 JP Asynchronous Oesophageal Cardiac Pacer

2007 jp
  • 2007JP is a portable wave-compensated asynchronous pacer designed for transesophageal stimulation. In diagnostics it allows for calculating the recovery time of the S-A node, establishing Wenkebach’s point and the second degree atrioventricular block.

Transesophageal Cardiac Stimulation Leads

transesophageal cardiac stimulation leads
  • FIAB has developed a line of esophageal leads for the diagnosis and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias with several model.

EV4543 Single Chamber External Pacemaker

  • The model EV4543 can operate in either demand or asynchronous modes and includes adjustable rate, output, and sensing controls.

Patient Cables

extension cables
  • Each cable is 2.5 metres long, autoclavable and supplied with a 2 mm collet terminal. The threshold cables are 3 metres long and have insulated alligator clips.

Cardiac Catheters

Heart Biopsy Forceps

biopsy foreceps
  • The top-quality disposable cardiac biopsy forceps offer excellent performance, realiability and safety. The central ring rotates 360 degrees to move to any required position for easy tissue collection.

Angiographic Catheters

  • The Angiographic Balloon Catheters is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with two lumens in the body of the catheter.

Wedge Pressure Catheters

wedge pressure
  • The Wedge Pressure Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with two lumens in the main body of the catheter.

Double Wedge Pressure Catheters

ダブルウエッジ圧 モニターカテーテル
  • The Double Wedge Pressure Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with three lumens in the main body of the catheter.

Thermodilution Catheters

  • The Thermodilution Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with four lumens in the body of the catheter.

temporary vena cava filtre FILTRETHERY

  • The Filtrethery provides efficient and atraumatic temporary vena cava filtering in the thrombolytic therapy. It prevnets massive pulmonary embolism. The filter can be stored in the catheter when inserting or puling out the Filtrethery.

Spring Guidewires

  • These Teflon-coated spring guidewires with optimal flexibility facilitate smooth catheter tracking. The J-Tip guidewires with both the fixed and movable core are available in a wide variety of sizes.


  • Easywire exhibits excellent lubricity realized by coating the surface with a hydrophilic polymer. They provide easy insertion and effortless removal. Also available in bulk (nonsterile)

Sentron Pressure Interface

血圧測定 インタ-フェイス
  • The Sentron Pressure Measurement System measures blood pressure (with respect to atmospheric pressure) accurately providing an analog high-level output for recording purposes and an analog low-level output for connection to pressure monitoring systems.

Pressure Tip Catheters

  • The Pressure Tip Catheter delivers maximum accuracy in a whole range of blood pressure applications including dP/dt assessment, gradient measurements (aortic/mitral valves), ventricular pressure measurements, etc.

EZ-TAU Blood Pressure Analysis Software

  • Blood pressure waveform is displayed on the PC screen in real time and the parameter such as dP/dt (Max, Min), TAU (Wiss, Thomp) is analyzed.

Conductance Catheters

  • For easy and high quality cardiac pressure-volume loop measurements obtained by the conductance method

Sigma 5 Cardiac Signal Conditioner-Processor

  • This is an electronic signal conditioner-processor that enables continuous measurement of ventricular volume. Combined with real time measurement of pressure, the Sigma-5 is a perfect system for the study of cardiac function by pressure-volume loop analysis.

Balloon Inflation Device

  • Simple operation and easy to read display


Pressure Volume Catheters



実験用植込み型ペースメーカー TNT型
  • The TNT series are single chamber atrial or single chamber ventricular pacemakers. Batteries are exchangeable.


Heart Valve Prosthesis

  • The Jyros valve is a low profile device through which blood flow is controlled by two self-aligning, pivoting leaflets. The excursion of the leaflets is limited by their lateral recesses and by an annular projection from the inner surface of the housing.