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Cardiac Pacing

Multipolar Pacing Catheters (VDD)

  • VDD pacing is very easily performed by a single catheter inserted into the right ventricle.

Bipolar Balloon Pacing Catheters

bipolar balloon pacing catheters
  • The side holes located at the tip, 19 cm or 30 cm from the tip of the catheter make possible simultaneous pacing and/or monitoring of pressure while injecting fluid.

Temporary Pacing Leads

temporary pacing leads
  • Excellent torque control and operability are ensured by a coaxial design employed for this series of packing leads. The flexible body exhibits optimal adaptability to the living body and assures reliable pacing.

Introducer Set

introducer set
  • This is a tear away sheath introducer set. The sheath splits apart for easier removal. Thanks to a flat, tapered design employed for the sheath and the dilator, smooth insertion is realized.

2007 JP Asynchronous Oesophageal Cardiac Pacer

2007 jp
  • 2007JP is a portable wave-compensated asynchronous pacer designed for transesophageal stimulation. In diagnostics it allows for calculating the recovery time of the S-A node, establishing Wenkebach’s point and the second degree atrioventricular block.

Transesophageal Cardiac Stimulation Leads

transesophageal cardiac stimulation leads
  • FIAB has developed a line of esophageal leads for the diagnosis and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias with several model.

Cardiac Catheters

Heart Biopsy Forceps

biopsy foreceps
  • The top-quality disposable cardiac biopsy forceps offer excellent performance, realiability and safety. The central ring rotates 360 degrees to move to any required position for easy tissue collection.

Angiographic Catheters

  • The Angiographic Balloon Catheters is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with two lumens in the body of the catheter.

Wedge Pressure Catheters

wedge pressure
  • The Wedge Pressure Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with two lumens in the main body of the catheter.

Double Wedge Pressure Catheters

ダブルウエッジ圧 モニターカテーテル
  • The Double Wedge Pressure Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with three lumens in the main body of the catheter.

Thermodilution Catheters

  • The Thermodilution Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with four lumens in the body of the catheter.


  • Easywire exhibits excellent lubricity realized by coating the surface with a hydrophilic polymer. They provide easy insertion and effortless removal. Also available in bulk (nonsterile)

Pressure Tip Catheters

  • The Pressure Tip Catheter delivers maximum accuracy in a whole range of blood pressure applications including dP/dt assessment, gradient measurements (aortic/mitral valves), ventricular pressure measurements, etc.

EZ-TAU Blood Pressure Analysis Software

  • Blood pressure waveform is displayed on the PC screen in real time and the parameter such as dP/dt (Max, Min), TAU (Wiss, Thomp) is analyzed.

Sigma 5 Cardiac Signal Conditioner-Processor

  • This is an electronic signal conditioner-processor that enables continuous measurement of ventricular volume. Combined with real time measurement of pressure, the Sigma-5 is a perfect system for the study of cardiac function by pressure-volume loop analysis.

Balloon Inflation Device

  • Simple operation and easy to read display


Pressure Volume Catheters



実験用植込み型ペースメーカー TNT型
  • The TNT series are single chamber atrial or single chamber ventricular pacemakers. Batteries are exchangeable.