Saving Your Life Is Our BusinessSaving Your Life Is Our BusinessSaving Your Life Is Our Business

“Saving Your Life Is Our Business”

Life and Health―this is an eternal theme of mankind.
With this in mind, we make
it our mission to contribute to advanced medical science by handling the highest
quality medical devices in the world.

Over the past forty years, we, Taisho Biomed, have kept a close eye on the
medical scene and been committed to introducing world-leading medical
equipment and technology to the Japanese market.
Our untiring efforts have
made us who we are today, a company you can rely on.

Calibration and Repair Services
We are the only authorized service provider of Fluke Biomedical in Japan.

To use your instrument with confidence that your measurements are within the specifications, we recommend that your instruments be calibrated annually. All calibration procedures are same as Fluke Biomedical and with speedy turnaround time.



Biomedical Test Equipment

We have been leading Japan’s healthcare technology management since 1980. The full-line of medical testing tools from Fluke Biomedical and Lighthouse Imaging are your best choices for development, quality assurance & control of medical devices, HTM and education for medical OEMs, facilities and educational institutions.

Medical Devices

Including the Sigma 5 PV loop system from CD Leycom in The Netherlands, we offer a variety of medical devices for cardiology and cardiovascular medicine.

About Taisho Biomed Instruments

Since its establishment in April of 1980, Taisho Biomed Instruments Co., Ltd. has built a solid reputation in providing the highest quality medical equipment and devices to hundreds of hospitals and medical facilities throughout Japan. Alongside with medical devices, Taisho also offers biomedical testing tools for maintenance and quality assurance to hospitals and OEMs. Taisho has been evolving with the times and always aspired to help improve lives of patients through its products and services.



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